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STRAUSS / Von Karajan - - "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - London 'Blue Back' 1959 early pressing [Expired]

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Item Description

"Like many of his contemporaries, the young Richard Strauss was enthralled with Wagner; indeed, a number of his compositions reveal an intent on Strauss' part to re-create the spirit of the older composer's works. However, as evidenced by his adoption of Friedrich Nietzsche's Also sprach Zarathustra as the subject of a tone poem, Strauss' music soon took on a distinct identity. By this time, Nietzsche had become the most vocal and articulate critic of Wagner's philosophy and art. By aligning his artistic vision with that of Nietzsche, Strauss forever removed himself from the camp of "true" Wagnerians." - AMG.

This is a London BB FFSS very early pressing from 1959.

The record is NM-.
The jacket is Mint-.
The LP plays/sounds NM-.

Very full, warm and detailed. Bass is deep, mids are warm and the treble is open and 'airy'. The soundstage is wide and deep and imaging is pin-point. Instruments are extremely detailed and natural sounding.
Surface noise consists of a constant 'hiss' (mostly on very quiet passages) and the rare, occassional 'tick'.

Each record is washed on a VPI cleaning machine using a proprietary 3-5 agent process which is determined by the needs of the individual record. Each record is then listened to 100% to insure that the posted description is exactly what you can expect to get.

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