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Denon DCD-3560 [Expired]

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Item Description

They don't make things like this any more! This CDP is a collector's dream.

It was sent to a Denon authorized service center in California last year, the transport belt was replaced and the unit was thoroughly cleaned/checked. It works flawlessly and should offer another 20 years of musical satisfaction. All pictures show the actual unit for sale. This unit has fixed and variable outputs so you can drive a power amp directly. XLR connections, remote control and digital ouputs just give more flexibility for your setup.

Some people think digital technology improves every day, yet some others think that serious CDPs made in the early 90's sound more natural than today's upsampling junk. I don't want to start a war but sit down and listen, in the first five minutes the modern machine may win, after one hour of listening you may understand why today's digital front ends never give you long-term satisfaction. Again, you don't have to agree with me, but if you have read this far, give yourself a chance to experience a classic beauty, this top-of-the-line CDP (other than the ultra Hi-End DP-S1/DC-S1) is a rare encounter on audiogon and a classic by its own right. Did I mention the rosewood sides?

Check my feedback and buy with confidence from a long-standing audiophile! Item will be carefully double-boxed for shipping. Please look at my other for sale items, I am selling a whole system that has Accuphase, Audia, and PMC. Fun trades may be considered.