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Ayre MX-R [Expired]

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Silver Ayre MX-R amps. I did not include pictures b/c they are in the box just back from the manufacturer after being repaired (more on this later). Purchased by me in spring of 2010 as second owner, new September 2009. Used no more than four or five times by me as they were my back-up amps to my back-up amps (don't you love tubes...). While they worked fine and performed well in my system (with Wilson Maxx IIs), they would (as reported on this site by many users) experience an occasional over heating issue (left channel only) which caused the light to go to orange. Ayre was terrific and completely stood behind the amp and serviced both of them free of charge. They remain in the packaging as returned to me by Ayre. If interested, Ayre will detail the service history. They are in outstanding condition, no scratches, dings, dents or mars. Let me know if you want to discuss. If you are dying for pictures and are serious, let me know and I will (ugh) unpack them and photograph two silver Ayre MX-R amps for you, or you can just view the web site.