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This is a one owner, slightly used but well cared for Ayre C-5xe MP Universal Stereo Player. It was purchased new on 7/10/2006. The Minimum Phase MP filter upgrade was performed by Ayre Acoustics Inc. on 12/09/2009. Every function in this player works like new. The casework is 100% scratch free and pristine. I have the original factory shipping and packing material. An Ayre aluminum remote control, power cord and owner's manual will be Included in this sale.

In the C-5xe MP, Ayre Acoustics created a completely new product category, the U2 player (universal stereo player). The first of its kind. This no video, no compromise design plays all existing optical disc formats including: CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video (soundtrack only), CD-R, CD+R and MP-3. This unique disc player is the ultimate playback machine for the music lover. When the music is paramount, the C-5xeMP sets a new standard. The C-5xeMP is truly for those of us who value the enjoyment of music above all else.

Check out what these reviewers have to say about Ayre C-5xeMP Universal Stereo Player:

Ayre C-5xeMP earns Sterophile class A+ rating in SACD, DVD_A & CD Player category eight years running.

On July 2005, Wes Phillips of Stereophile, said: “The Ayre C-5xe has proved to be the best-sounding product I’ve heard all year.

Ayre C-5xe MP Universal Stereo Player

Plays all optical disc formats: CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video (soundtrack only), MP3
Exclusive Ayre “Minimum Phase” digital filter
Single-pass 16x oversampling
Discrete decoding and playback of all formats in their native domain
zero-feedback, DC-coupled, true differential balanced analog circuitry
Separate linear power supplies for both analog and digital circuitry

Maximum Output Level
2.05 V rms – unbalanced outputs
4.10 V rms – balanced outputs (PCM)
1.00 V rms – unbalanced outputs
2.00 V rms – balanced outputs (DSD)
Frequency Response
DC - 20 kHz (44.1 kHz sample rate)
DC - 22 kHz (48 kHz sample rate)
DC - 40 kHz (88.2 kHz sample rate)
DC - 44 kHz (96 kHz sample rate)
DC - 80 kHz (176.4 kHz sample rate)
DC - 88 kHz (192 kHz sample rate)
DC - 100 kHz (2.8224 MHz sample rate)
Output Impedance
55 ohms – unbalanced outputs
110 ohms – balanced outputs (55 per phase