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AUDIONET VIP G2 silver - blue with EPS power supply AMAZING Multi Disk REFERENCE PLAYER [Expired]

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Item Description

The current VIP G3, successor of the VIP G2 is like the VIP G2 in 2008 considered now the CD / SACD / DVD reference player to beat. Here we have an auction of the VIP G2.

In Germany, numerous demonstrations against the competition made it clear that only two, possibly three other brands worldwide are even remotely in the same ball park against this sound monster. AUDIONET's philosophy is truth in engineering - the VIP G2 will reveal like no other player what is there and not modify it to make things more palatable. IF the recording is great, you will hear nuances you have never experienced before and it will be a very enjoyable journey. This level of revelation, always musical and never clinical, does come at a price: poor recordings will be displayed without merci as well. To this date I cannot listen to Zimmerman's Rach 3 (DG) on an Audionet System, only in my car with the highs rolled off.

VIP G2 (1) -- Universal CD, SACD, and DVD Audio / Video player, condition 9 , RETAIL was $9,500 (2007)
Please note, this is not the newest VIPG3 (2012 retail $11,995) but an excellent CD and DVD (incl. SACD) reference player nonetheless.

"The VIP G2 includes SACD in addition to all other CD and DVD audio/video standards; it truly is a universal player. The VIP G2 produces brilliant, field depth pictures and elegant, sovereign, and powerful sound. Two channel audio enthusiasts are equally impressed by the performance of the VIP G2 as a SACD and CD player."
20 kg (44lbs)

EPS (1) -- External Precision Voltage Supply, RETAIL was $2,490 (2007).
Please note: this is not the EPS G2 which retails for $3000.
"The EPS is dedicated to music lovers who would like to further enhance the performance of existing devices.
The EPS leads to a clearly audible improvement of stability, calmness, spatiality and tonal pureness. Music is reproduced with greater listenability, clearer expression and improved brightness. Its sleek design fits in every configuration.
Why is an external power supply such an improvement? One has to know that the properties of active circuits are highly dependent on their supply voltages."
9 kg (20lbs)

PLEASE NOTE: you are bidding on the VIP G2 with the EPS.