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AR ES-1 Turntable Cherry Finish [Expired]

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For sale is a 1987 AR ES-1 turntable with original AR tone arm and Sumiko cartridge. It was purchased new from CSA Audio in Montclair, NJ in January 1986. My dad played less than 50 records on this table as he ended up using the NAD CD and cassette players, he got at the same time, instead. This turntable has been in storage since 1989. The table is perfect. The one small mark on the front is a knot in the cherry wood. There are 3 slight scratches in the dust cover that can only be seen in very bright light.

The AR turntable is a precision instrument capable of providing accurate reproduction of recorded music.
In order to allow the unit to reach its full performance potential, it is worthwhile to take a few minutes to read the manual prior to setting up and use.

Drive system: one step belt drive
Motor: 24 pole synchronous motor
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Platter: 1.8kg
Suspension: damped 3-point sprung suspension
Wow and flutter: 0.04%
Rumble: -73dB

The impression was given of an airy, articulate sound, with good timing and rhythm , plus pleasing rendition of space and ambience. The bass quality was well above average, if a little lightweight, while the mid was clear and well balanced, with the treble in good proportion HiFi Choice 1984

I have the owner's manual but not the orginal box. I will have the unit professionally packed for shipping and the shipping screw will be installed. Paypal add 3% and 4% for Canada. I can deliver in TN. Thanks for looking, Kevin