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STAX SRD-7 SB Self-Energized Adaptor for Ear Speaker [Expired]

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Folks here is a Stax product that I have had for 30+ years. I have NO idea why I bought it. I do not remember owning Stax Ear Speakers at any time. It looks in perfect condition and I have kept it wrapped up in a box, why?, I do not know. Before I throw it away and create more landfill unnecessarily, if there is someone out there that could use it, or more importantly knows how to use it, you are welcome to it. You basically would pay shipping, the $2 transaction fee and the $4 ad fee, if it works. I have gone to the Stax website, so I know that these were made starting in 1979, and I must have bought it, not too long thereafter. Any questions, or answers, please feel free to email me. Thanks, Roy