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AESTHETIX Benz ABCD Cartridge DeMagnetizer [Expired]

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This is an ESSENTIAL ANALOG TOOL for anyone with a MC cartridge.

I am liquidating our store and only have a few of these remaining in stock. Get them while
I've got 'em!

The Benz-Micro Aesthetix Cartridge Demagnetizer is for MC Cartridges Only! Use with MM Cartriges will result in possible damage to the cartridge.

"I used the battery-powered Aesthetix Benz MC Demagnetizer throughout these listening sessions. Like other well-designed demagnetizing devices, the MC ramps up, holds and then ramps down a low-distortion, high-frequency sinewave. It costs a very reasonable $199 and seems to work as well as more expensive models." -- Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine, July 2002.

The ABCD-1 works on the principle of demagnetization similar to a tape head degausser. A fixed high-frequency signal is gradually increased from zero amplitude up to a maximum level where it is maintained for a fixed length of time. The signal is then gradually reduced in amplitude to zero again. Differing from other cartridge demagnetizers, the ABCD-1 signal is a very pure sine wave with ultra low distortion.

To use the ABCD-1, plug your phono leads into the unit and disconnect both the left and right from your preamp. Turn the Demagnetizer's power on and depress the activate button. An LED will illuminate for the duration of the demagnetization process. When the light turns off, the process is complete. Reconnect your inputs and outputs and turn off the unit. It's that quick and easy!

Serial # will vary from picture based on stock available at time of purchase.

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