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HB Cable Design PowerStar Horizon Passive Power Distributor - 6-Months-Old [Expired]

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Item Description

The $3,995 German-made PowerStar Horizon is the entry-level model of HB Cable Design’s three passive power-distributors that were the system foundation of the three rooms with the standout best sound at The 2012 Munich Audio Show. Why was this? Because these distributors ingeniously provide the equivalent of a dedicated circuit to power each component to produce the best sound possible.

Listening to music from components powered through the PowerStar Horizon is a completely noise-free and restful experience because it isolates the AC access of each component from all others so connected and all attached components from the circuit itself.

This isolation is achieved in a laboriously hand-made unit built to meticulous standards using custom-made, gold-plated copper bus-bars that bring all the outlets together into the socket for direct contact and maximum energy transfer, proprietary wraps shielding the heavy gauge wires from RFI and EMI, and isolating them from vibration. All connections are silver-soldered.

The HB Cable Design PowerStar Horizon dimensions are 4.7" wide, 4.6" high and 22.2" long with a weight of 9.0 lbs. The PowerStar is clad in highly-polished black acrylic glass and has six receptacles with a special IEC connector of heavy medical grade.

I bought one of the first units to be imported in late September 2013 and the acrylic finish has some surface scratches after six months of use as might be expected (only reason for 8/10 and not 9/10 rating). Otherwise it is in like new condition (see attached pictures). Please note that they are sold without a stock AC power cable. I found a Cardas Golden Reference Cable worked well but many use more expensive cables. The unit will be shipped in the manufacturer's plywood container inside an outer cardboard box.

So, if you are looking for a power distributor to enable connected components to perform at their very best but lack the dedicated circuits required, then the passive PowerStar Horizon that elegantly eliminates external circuit noise, shared component noise, and ground loops is the solution.

This item is only for sale in The contiguous U.S. and the Fedex insured ground shipping charge is $44.72 for most states.

Please contact me directly with any questions at 415-383-7400 or audiophile7 at comcast dot net. Thank you for your interest.