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50" Pioneer Elite Plasma Pro 1120 1120 [Expired]

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The information below is directly off the pioneer website: The actual TV is in mint condition

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Pioneer Pioneer Elite PureVision Plasma Television
PRO-1120HD (Black)

ShareThisNewThe Elite PRO-1120HD PureVision Plasma Television is a no-compromise plasma TV for those who want the very best, period. Pioneer has built into the PRO-1120HD the latest patented technologies, ensuring knockout performance every time you hit the Power button.

A Dynamic Performer Right Out Of The Box
The Elite PRO-1120HD PureVision Plasma Television is a no-compromise plasma TV for those who want the very best, period. Pioneer has built into the PRO-1120HD the latest patented technologies, ensuring knockout performance every time you hit the Power button. The Elite PRO-1120HD includes a digital-cable-ready media receiver, stereo speakers, and a high gloss, color-matched swivel stand. Get everything in place, connect the input from a set top box or use the cable card technology built into the media receiver, and you're ready for a great visual experience. You can even connect your computer (PC or Mac) and surf the Web.

Beautiful Picture Without The Reflections
TVs of all types have a common problem: the reflected light coming from windows or lamps that degrades picture quality. That's why Pioneer's engineers dug deep and invented the First-Surface Pure Color Filter, a patented layer of film that replaces the typical exterior plasma glass panel, and included it in the PRO-1120HD 50" Plasma Television. The filter is actually optically bound to the interior glass panel covering the plasma cells-a world's first. This filter almost completely eliminates reflected light, so what you see is a pure, beautiful picture. And because there's zero space in between the filter and the interior glass panel, there are no reflections generated between the layers to come back at you. This can actually improve the contrast ratio in bright environments as much as 20 percent. In addition, the plasma's interior light is actually color-balanced as it comes out through the filter, producing color values that are closer to the true NTSC and ATSC color standard than other TVs or monitors.

Nothing But Digital
Another Pioneer plasma breakthrough is their Pure Drive system. The PureDrive signal path keeps video signals in a digital domain rather than convert them back and forth between analog and digital, as is typical with other TVs. This lossless, all-digital process enables the signal to maintain all of its original depth, which is a huge advantage. Just one of the visual benefits of PureDrive is its extended grey scale - the steps from full lightness to full darkness on the screen. Here's why that matters: some of the very best movie moments occur during nighttime or low-light scenes. Most plasmas aren't capable of displaying all the necessary gradation steps as a scene darkens, and at a certain point they just give up and turn everything black. That means you can't see what's happening in the scene. The Elite PRO-1120HD can reproduce 1,792 gradation steps for each red, green, and blue cell - which together make up one pixel - creating a palette of over a billion colors. This gives you a wider range of hues and far more accurate reproduction, especially in those dark scenes.

Cable Ready - No Kidding
Pioneer's Elite TVs feature a cable set-top box that's actually built into the media receiver itself. One benefit of this design is improved picture quality: since the set-top box is integrated with the media receiver and panel, your digital signal stays digital throughout the signal path. This keeps the signal path short and maintains its original integrity. You have one less box, a few less wires, and a better picture. The media receiver/set top box receives NTSC (analog) and ATSC (digital, including High Definition) broadcasts, so you're ready for the future. It also has connections for satellite, cable, and a computer. Plus, the expanded Passport electronic program guide makes it really easy to find the shows you want. You can view the programming schedule using easy-to-read grids that sort shows by time, theme, or title.

Customize For You Room
One goal Pioneer set (and surpassed) for their Elite PRO-1120HD is for you to see exactly what the director or producer intended during shooting. However, the physical characteristics of your TV room can have a big effect on visual quality. To further customize your viewing experience, the Elite-exclusive ISF C3 feature allows your plasma display to be optimized for the specific rooms it's in. As an optional service available through your Elite dealer, an ISF professional can calibrate your Elite display using ISF's exclusive C3 adjustment procedure for optimum viewing in all kinds of viewing situations. Once these calibrations are made, ISF becomes a selectable AV mode.

Quality Viewing-Dynamic Sound
The Elite PRO-1120HD includes a new 2-way adjustable speaker system, with improved drivers and amplifier. These speakers deliver a full, rich sound both for front-channel movie and TV viewing, as well as for surround audio modes. The speakers are side-mounted and can either be positioned flush with the TV or swiveled for optimal sound for your room.

Leader Of the Pack
Let's take a look at a few of the features that separate this Powerhouse television from the rest of the pack. First, Pioneer's exclusive PureDrive keeps video signals entirely in a lossless digital domain, for greater signal control and far higher video quality. The PRO-1120HD comes equipped with a DCR (Digital Cable Ready) Tuner with Passport Banner (requires PSIP support), and provides easy plug n play of basic cable channels without the need for an outboard cable box. With Pioneer's new Advanced PureCinema with 3-3 pulldown, film-based material on DVD, videotape, and even regular TV will match the smooth, natural reproduction you'd see in a theater. That's not all. ACE III (Advanced Continuous Emission III) uses 10-bit processing to produce 1,792 gradation steps for each cell-creating a palette of well over 1 billion colors and delivering reproduction accuracy up to 16 times greater than competitors' panels. Each individual lamp is encased in its own "cell", with walls on all sides so that light doesn't bleed into neighboring cells. This energy-efficient design allows each lamp to deliver a more concentrated beam of light, for truer colors and brighter images. Color Management selectively boosts or scales back values to match actual images without affecting other colors on the screen, while the 2nd generation ISF C3 (Custom Calibration Configuration) via RS-232 feature enables your plasma TV to be optimized for the specific environment in which you've placed it. As an optional service, an ISF professional can calibrate contrast, tint, color levels, and other parameters to create the most accurate image possible. The clear front of the PRO-1120HD is actually a precisely manufactured optical-grade non-glass panel. It acts as a color filter that increases the spectrum of light emitted by the plasma, for a fuller range of colors and exceptional color accuracy vs. previous versions which use front filters made of glass. It also increases contrast by limiting ambient light reflections in bright viewing environments. Finally the PRO-1120HD operates at a full 1024 x 768 resolution. What more can we say? This is the Plasma you have been dreaming of.